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I don’t hold with abroad and think that foreigners speak English when our backs are turned.
Quentin Crisp

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The British Guild of Travel Writers is the UK’s premier association of media professionals who focus on travel. Our members include journalists, authors, editors, photographers and broadcasters, all of them men and women who are adept at bringing places alive and communicating their own enthusiasm for journeys and for destinations.

Whether it be a luxury cruise ship or a modest resort off the beaten track, the chances are that one of our members has written about it. Pick up any national newspaper and you’ll probably find the writing of a Guild member in its travel pages. And you’ll find our members’ work in trade and consumer magazines, on the airwaves, and on the internet. Guild members run some of the liveliest travel blogs around.

a seal of quality

The Guild’s name stands for reliability and respectability in the fiercely competitive worlds of travel writing, photography and broadcasting. The criteria for membership are tough – and every single one of our 270 members has to satisfy an annual audit to retain Guild membership.

Don’t be deceived! Travel writing is not necessarily the freewheeling and high-flying career that you might imagine. Many of our members are self-employed and many are very used to working alone. The Guild provides instant access to a cameraderie of like-minded professionals.

independent and contemporary

We network... network... network and particularly value our good links with the wider travel industry. But we don’t work for PR companies, tour operators or tourist boards – although we enjoy very good relations with many individuals in those areas. We are independent souls, always keen to get under the skin of communities. We don't allow ourselves to be influenced by the inducements of hoteliers and providers of other services.

We have been in the business since 1960. During the last 50 years and more, travel in the UK, as more widely in Europe and across the world, has changed out of all recognition. As have the media. Members of the British Guild of Travel Writers have been the very thick of many of those changes. And we are determined to retain our position as Britain’s largest, liveliest and most respected association of travel media professionals.

Today it is a mark of changing times that the great majority of our members are very webwise. They write for online media, maintain some of the spiciest travel blogs on the web and still find time for Twitter and other social media.

reasons for joining

We are actively looking for new members to join us in 2014. If you have established a creditable track record as a travel media professional, our Membership Secretary Neil Taylor would love to hear from you. To see more of what you get by becoming a Guild member, see Benefits of Membership.

We accept freelancers as well as writers, photographers and editors who hold salaried positions with publishers and broadcasters. But you must be an independent spirit. We do not accept those who work for or on behalf of PR companies. If you weave words with style, take wonderful pics or cut a dash in other travel media genres, then BGTW could be for you. What not get in touch?




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"Apparently Ranger was a bit of a ladies dog - the Steve Owen of Alaskan Huskies – intent on making sudden amorous advances towards anything with four legs and a fur coat. This was fine in his own time but not when pulling a slightly overweight journalist over the icy terrain of Swedish Lapland. The last thing this slightly overweight journalist needed was to be tipped from his sled into a frozen lake, even in the name of canine romance."

Joe Cawley, Adrenaline-lovers of the Arctic Circle, The Guardian, Sept 11, 2003


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