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The BGTW goes to Zakopane

Roger Bray writes on our AGM venue in March

Zakopane here we come. Thanks to the Herculean efforts of the Polish National Tourist Office, our long planned AGM in one of Poland's major tourism honeypots is almost upon us.

zak5.jpgAs I wrote in a recent edition of Globetrotter, the town has grown on me. With luck the streets will be snow covered while we are there. We should be transported to dinner in horse drawn sleighs. Those planning to ski will find the slopes limited - this is no Val d'Isere - but the cable car I first rode a decade or so ago has at least been replaced with something more up to date and the High Tatra mountains are undeniably beautiful.

The resort's hub is the pedestrianised Krupowki Street. I am not sure how lively it will be in winter but in high summer, all human life is there. Star Wars characters parade for the kids. In the evenings there's a big queue for placki - potato pancakes with sour cream and sometimes gulasch. Near the bottom there's a market where you can buy anything from wood carvings to leather fashions (about £120 for a waist length woman's jacket) - and where stalls sell the local smoked ewe's cheese, oscypek, which is slightly chewy and often served grilled in restaurants, with cranberry sauce. I hope you will get the opportunity buy some direct from a smoke house, perhaps on the way to the nearby village of Chocholow, whose main street is line with the wooden houses characteristic of the region, the logs which form their walls caulked with wood chippings. One house here was built entirely from one big spruce tree.

zak1.jpgThere are many attractive wooden villas in Zakopane, too, some with elaborately carved balconies and wood shingled roofs. Churches, too, with delicately created wooden altars. Behind the oldest of them, dedicated to St. Clement, is a fascinating cemetery. Zakopane has been a mecca for painters, sculptors, writers and sportsmen. Buried here are a ski jump champion who refused an offer to teach the occupying Germans and instead smuggled refugees and secret agents through the Tatras, an Olympic rowing medallist who fought in the Warsaw uprising and lived until 2004 and a former rector of Warsaw Polytechnic who survived Dachau.

zak4_1.jpgThose joining tours of Krakow should find no shortage of material. From my own visit last summer strong images linger - of the vast market square, of the great altar of St Mary's, one of Europe's most magnificent Gothic art works, of the mind boggling salt maine at Wieliczca with its subterranean chapel and cavern where Hitler perhaps planned a rocket silo - and the poignant Kasimerz district, whose streets were used by Stephen Spielberg for the ghetto scenes in Schindler's List, where I heard a woman singer with a small backing group perform the Yiddish love song Bei Mir Bistu Shein - better known perhaps when recorded by the Andrews Sisters as Bei Mir Bist du Schoen.



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